Fort Yargo Colonial Market Faire

The Ft. Yargo Living History Society, in conjunction with Fort Yargo State Park and the Friends of Fort Yargo, invite you to apply to join us for the 9th annual Fort Yargo 18th Century Colonial Market Faire. The event will be held on Thursday March 29th to Sunday April 1st, 2018. Early set-up can begin any time, if arriving before noon on Tuesday, March 27th, contact FYLHS and arrangements can be made.
This event will be held at the grounds surrounding the historic Fort Yargo blockhouse in Fort Yargo State Park, 210 S Broad St., Winder, GA 30680.
This event seeks to demonstrate colonial life during the late 18th to early 19th centuries. We are looking for quality Living Historians who can share with the public the skills, crafts, and general atmosphere of the years pre-1800's and to interact with the public in a high level of meaningful historical interpretation that can be provided. To maintain this level of accuarcy we believe that a jury process of selection for camps, traders, and vendors will help us to achieve our goals.
We have all been at events that were less period correct than we had hoped they’d be, and we recognize that it is very difficult to improve authenticity if the expectations were too low at the beginning. We hope that we offend no one, particularly those who work hard to improve their presentation regularly!

The following mandatory guidelines have been established and will be enforced.

1. Please remain in period clothing at all times after completing your set-up. Vehicles are not permitted in the camp area after your set-up is complete, and no vehicles will be permitted in the camp area after 8:00 a.m. on Thursday morning. Your camp and appearance will be reviewed for authenticity. Items that are found to be in conflict with our stated purpose must be removed from view. Failure to do so will result in removal from the event. The decisions of the camp organizers are final.

2. All items used or sold at the Ft. Yargo Colonial Market Faire will be authentic to the pre-1800's . This includes clothing, furnishings, guns, knives, shoes, hats, baggage, eating utensils, cooking utensils, etc. No Western or Plains Indian articles should be used or sold. The following items may not be sold in the historic camp area: *Chinese bamboo flutes, *hatchets, *pop-guns, *archaeological artifacts, *animal skins and parts (without proper DNR certified proof, *mass-produced items (souvenir items, t-shirts, etc.).

3. All camps must register prior to setting up. The use of a canvas wedge tent, lean-to, wall tent, or marquee is encouraged. Tipis, whelans, bakers, and one-pole, or center-pole, tents are not allowed. Other non-period styles must be approved prior to the event. Modern tents are not allowed in the historical camp. You may contact the state park for a site reservation if you need to use modern camping equipment. Modern equipment such as coolers, sleeping bags, cameras, and plastics must be kept covered or stored out of site. Wood, tin, ceramic, copper, brass, and iron are all acceptable cookware. No graniteware, modern enamelware, or aluminum please. No food or drink is to be served unless you have an 18th c. style cup, mug, or plate, etc. Clay pipes and chewing tobacco are acceptable, but no cigarettes outside of your lodge please. Alcohol may not be consumed at any time during public hours.

4. Clothing and appearance includes typical 18th c. to early 19th c. colonial apparel. The following items are not allowed: *long fringed buckskins, *”Mountain man” clothing, *footwear, *renaissance fair, or *western clothing. Native portrayals for either men or women must be authentic to the tribe represented.

5. Minor children are the sole responsibility of their parents. No one wants to see them in harm’s way, and parents need to supervise them at all times. The woodpile, port-a-potties and water spigot are not play areas.

6. Firewood, water, and port-a-potties will be provided. No trees are to be cut down for any reason. Modern restroom facilities are available within the state park (1/4 mile or less). We will have ice available for purchase at nominal rates. Fires will need to be either in braziers or dug fire pits. Please remove the sod and replace it when you break camp. Fire buckets must be kept within 10 feet of your fire area at all times!

7. In order for the jury committee to maintain the level of authenticity we wish to present, at least one picture of your camp set-up, including your period apparel, must be submitted with your application (if you attended in previous years a picture is not necessary). We will inform you within 48 hours of your application’s approval.

8. If you plan on shooting you must see the booshway to fill out the state required form.

9. You may submit your vendor application , camp/demonstrator application online or print and return to:

FYLHS Colonial Market Faire
c/o 727 Kings Ct.
Bethlehem, GA 30620

If you have any questions regarding the application process, please e-mail them to FYLHS

Online Camp Application

Online Vendor Application

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