Welcome to the Georgia COHT Newsletter
Fall 2014

A couple of members have sent some information our way. An article sent by Al Hart about the effects of battle reenactments of battlefields. I found it of intrest, most of us have had this cross our minds at one time of anouther. What if we drop a period correct item in an area where there is an active dig. Would it be a problem for the people researching the area or not. Short article brings it out some.

Rod Bailey has set up a couple of treks. These will be easy walks and a good chance to learn or teach a little. Contacet Rod for more detail. While on this trek take pictures and send us a little info on what, where, when. As you all know I am always in need of material for this newsletter.


My Royal Ranger Outpost is going on a backpacking trip on 18-19 October (Saturday and Sunday). We will have at least one individual who will TREK with us and camp in the general area. When camp is set up, we will walk the boys over to the TREK camp and the TREKKER will show the boys the “old ways”.  I was wondering if anybody from the COHT would be interested. Our normal operations is to leave early Saturday morning and drive North from Newnan; we normally stop at the IHOP for breakfast in Woodstock. We are normally at the parking area for the Flat Creek Loop Trail around 10:00 am. Flat Creek Loop Trail  is about 5 miles East of Blue Ridge. Normally the TREKKERS will only hike about 1.8 miles and camp by a mountain stream, the backpackers will hike about 4 miles. There is an area that you can safely shoot your rifle.

We are also planning a TREK on the same trail on 15 and 16 November.

Let me know if anybody is interested, 

Rod Bailey





Up coming events and such


Fort Yargo camp for the day or week Oct. 25th to Nov 2, Halloween and Saturday stories in the blockhouse. Contact Juanita at yargo@fylhs.com

Friday, Nov 14, 2014 until Saturday, Nov 15, 2014 10 AM to 4 PM FT. King George
NewsArticleA wide range of living history presentations will be given highlighting all the various cultures and people that inhabited our region before Georgia was established in the 1730's. A battle re-enactment will take place at 2pm.  $4.50-$7.50 912-437-4770.

Fort Tolouse - November 5 - 9, 2014 Alabama Frontier Days

Fort Loudoun September 6 & 7 18th Century Trade Faire


For years the COHT has had a section of the home web site for people to exchange ideas, tell of up coming events, tell stories, you name it. Not many members visited the site, always seemed to be the same folks. Well the COHT has entered the 21 century and now has a facebook page:
I am told it is becoming very popular and may help grow our numbers. If you go to facebook check it out and see what others are up to. I do not go to facebook very often but will as soon as I finish this newsletter. Which is.................. Now.