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June 2014

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Tom our president was able to attend the national gathering. He said the turnout was small but a good time was had. Details are in the Time traveler. I did not make it this year but will plan to attend next year. If we can get more of our Georgia members to make plans the travel expenses can be split and all of us could ride in one vehicle. Send word to me if you wish to go and we can work out the details.

The COHT is holding a membership drive this year, details are in the time traveler. When you go to an event take a COHT flier and membership form with you. When you run into someone that has an interest hand them the info, simple. They may or may not follow thru but can't if they don't have the info.

Got any stories to tell, want to arrange a trek or camp? Just let me know and I will get the word out to the rest of our Georgia members. We are in need of stories, how to or history articles for the newsletter, send them any way you wish. The Time Traveler is also in need of articles. If you enjoy reading about the adventures or projects of others, others will enjoy yours just as much. As you can tell by my articles none of us are professional writers so don't be shy.

Is there a subject or how to article you would like to see in the Georgia newsletter? Give me some fresh ideas, I need them.


Sam Adams' influence during the American Revolution

After school Samuel Adams' father got him a job at the counting house of Thomas Cushing, that he might be prepared for commercial business. Politics and international law had more interest to Adams than business.

He helped form a club of like minded people for the purpose of political discussion in 1747, known as the “Whipping Post Club” by those loyal to the king, because it criticized the conduct of the Crown. They provided essays and letters for a newspaper known as the “Independent Advertiser” in 1748.

One of his favorite topics was the rights of man. Using common sense plain truth and undeniable facts, they slowly eroded the people's trust in the Crown. His papers in the Independent Advertiser created an enemy out of the governor, Thomas Hutchinson, a wealthy Bostonian and loyal Englishman, of whom he made a lifelong enemy.

In 1763 he joined the Boston Caucus club and used that position to support issues concerning Boston working men and skilled mechanics.

While in the Massachusetts House in 1765 he was clerk and his job was to write the resolutions of the house. This was a guide to anti British activities and for that writing Hutchinson attempted to have Adams censored.

1768, Adams organized the Non Importation Association to oppose the Townsend Acts of Economic Coercion. He wrote a letter of opposition to the acts and wrote articles to the local papers of how England was trying destroy Boston trade.

1770, he helped to form the Boston Committee of Correspondence a political action organization.

1772, Adams wrote the Boston declaration of Rights.

1773, he became one of the founders of the Sons of Liberty and helped plan the Boston Tea Party.

1774, Adams took the lead in the resistance to the Quebec Acts, the Coercive Act. Claiming that this act prevented farmers from moving west and thus constituted an act of war.

With the publication of the Suffolk Resolves, He called for the resistance to Great Britain's oppressive policies.

He was an instigator of dissent and rebellion and an advocate of a separate nation dedicated to undermining oppressive central authority.

He joined with those who created the 1st Continental Congress and became a member of that congress.

He was also elected to the 2nd Continental Congress, became an advocate of independence and signed the Declaration of Independence.

He served in Congress until 1781, and took part in the drafting of the Articles of Confederation, the first United States Constitution. Adams wanted to make sure that the states maintained their independence in the new nation.

He drafted the “Address of the Convention”, a blue print for Republican Representative Government.

This is just a very short draft of Adams' influence during the American Revolution.



From Georgia to California and New york to New Mexico you will find living history groups holding “Freeze your arse” events on the coldest week they can think of. This is for the hard core or crazy type of living history person, just to see how hard they can stand it.

Yes in Georgia it can get cold. I have been to “Freeze yer arse” events in Georgia where it has gotten down to 19 degrees at night, mighty cold for a southern boy, also to events where it was in the 60s in January. But Georgia is not know for its cold weather. It is known for its hot, sticky, humid summers. They used to say that a roof should be put on a building in the time of the full moon. This kept workers from being on a roof top in the heat of the sun.

Just to be a little different and to celebrate what we have here (for good or bad) a heat of the summer event is to be held at Fort Yargo. You can leave the heavy wool blankets at home. No heavy work to do, unless you want. Instead of trying to stay warm at this event it is how to keep cool.

So you do not have to sit by a fire and cook dinner, a pig will be roasted in camp on Saturday for the feast Saturday night. No trade fees, a $5.00 fee to get into the park and a $5.00 camp fee the park wants us to collect. Be you trader, hunter, settler or just a ne'er do well you are welcome. Come sunset and we drift out of the shade how about a round robin and a Mint Julep contest. There will be in the block house mint syrup for your use if you do not have any of your own.

On site out-houses, plenty of fire wood (like you will need it), water, the showers are just down the road and swimming as well, fish if you like. Visitors and tourist will be drifting in and out but this is not advertized like other events, if they find us its OK but we are not asking them to come.

So that you know, this is a period correct event. Day and night attendees must be in period dress, camps at all times will be period outside.
The date has been set for August 15th - 17th - Early set up is OK – we have a few coming in on August 10th
Registration is required and can be done online at http://www.fylhs.com/RoastUrRump.html